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Bright Start Program

Bright Start Program

Free Personal Nurse Program for Expecting Moms

Bright Start’s free personal nurse program helps moms focus on their health during pregnancy, so they have healthier babies. With Bright Start, you’ll get connected with a registered nurse and she will work with you one-to-one, giving you all the support, advice and information you need during your pregnancy and up until your child’s 2nd birthday.

who can get bright start services?

You are eligible for a free personal nurse if you’re a mom who meets income requirements and lives in South Dakota. Bright Start is expanding to provide services throughout the state. As nurses join the program, families in local communities will hear more about how they can connect with a personal nurse to support them through pregnancy and until their child’s 2nd birthday.[1]

[1]  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (s.d.). Bright Start Program.

Your nurse can help you...

  • Learn about child development

  • Receive guidance to prenatal and nutritional care for a healthy baby

  • Practice safe sleep positions, breastfeeding and much more

  • Determine the parenting strategies that work best for your family

  • Connect to healthcare, family planning, pediatric care, childcare, early childhood programs, job training, continuing education, and other resources in your community

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