COVID-19 Vaccine Announcement: Distribution to Begin Phase 1d

South Dakota Department of Health is announcing that starting on Monday, January 18, 2021, the Department of Health and its health partners across the state will start vaccinating a prioritized population group, within Group 1D, of the state’s vaccination plan. This first prioritized population group will be those 80 and over, as well as high-risk individuals and will be expanded to other groups within 1D as vaccines become available. The modification comes amidst the federal government’s plan to release vaccines to states to speed up vaccinations nationwide.

Exciting COVID-19 Vaccine Update – Statewide Distribution Ahead of Schedule, Public Vaccinations to Start Sooner than Anticipated

South Dakota is leading the nation in COVID-19 vaccination distribution, a proud accomplishment that means faster immunization for the next group of eligible recipients, and eventually the entire state.

Aligned with the nationwide rollout, healthcare workers and long-term care residents are first to receive the vaccine. Because of the rapid implementation to this group, South Dakota can start public vaccinations ahead of schedule, a testament to the responsive actions of state and healthcare officials.

By early next month, we anticipate the next tier of recipients—people over age 65 and those with two or more underlying health conditions—can receive the first dose of the vaccine. This is a large population of our community, which makes the accomplishment even more important as the vaccination will help protect this vulnerable group.

At CDP Health Care System, we are working closely with the South Dakota Department of Health, and will provide updates as they develop. As the health department determines the timing of distribution, find the latest information on their website at

As we anticipate moving to the next priority group, we are finalizing the logistics of administering the vaccine at CDP Health Care. Qualified recipients will need two doses. After the first shot, recipients receive a vaccination card that tells them which COVID-19 vaccine they’ve received, the date it was administered, and where it was given. Recipients can also ask providers about v-safe, a free, smartphone-based tool that sends informational texts, health updates and reminds recipients when the second dose should be received. Learn more about v-safe at

We will continue to provide updates on this exciting advancement to protect our community from COVID-19. While the latest information is available on the South Dakota Health Department website, if you have questions or would like to be placed on COVID-19 waiting list, please direct call to our Sisseton Clinic during regular business hours, Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at 605-698-7681.